What is this?
SHTUP is a mod for System Shock 2 which aims to increase the resolution of all the common (and quite a few of the not-so-common) object textures. A secondary objective of the mod is to correct all other graphical glitches, such as typos, continuity errors, texture alignment errors, and so on. All of this is to be done while sticking as closely as possible to the original art style. Simply put, our goal is to make SS2 look like a higher-res version of itself.

SHTUP is completely compatible with the SS2 Rebirth mod. SHTUP upgrades objects, Rebirth upgrades the AI models. When using SHTUP in combination with other texture/object mods, always install SHTUP first, then allow the other mods to overwrite it.

The current version of SHTUP is Beta 6. Download it from the Files page.

How can I help?
If you're a talented artist or modeler, please visit the TTLG System Shock forum and introduce yourself!
If you can identify #1 or #3 in this art collage, we'd be most appreciative (No, #1 isn't Nude Descending a Staircase).
Ditto for face #1 from the stim units.

It didn't work!
For technical support, please visit the TTLG System Shock forum.

Who's contributed?
  • Clay "ZylonBane" Halliwell - project lead, texturing, model tweaking, site design
  • IceNine - modeling/texturing (updated pipes and Many goo)
  • Black Boe - modeling/texturing (updated plants)
  • Eldron - texturing (updated Xerxes)
  • Eshaktaar - lots of modeling
  • Kai "Hires" Kloss - texturing, modeling
  • Jan "Rattkin" Muller - texturing
  • Darksharp - texturing
  • Freylia.Net, Shock Unlimited, Wuggles Unlimited - forum hosts over the years
  • Ryan Lesser - original high-resolution SHODAN render
  • SNAFU - hi-res SS1 V-Mail
  • Garcie - texturing
  • Ichu - texturing
  • Nameless Voice - texturing
  • Pride Assassin - texturing
  • Thunderpeel - texturing
  • Shadowspawn - mesh conversion tools and high-poly basketball mesh
  • Telliamed - font conversion tools

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